To Market To Market, Flower Market That Is!

Friday 1st August 2014

I finally managed a visit to the Sydney Flower Market recently. I say finally because it has been well over a year since my last visit and many, many months with grand intentions to visit. For me, visiting the Flower Market requires planning. It is an early morning (5.00am rise) , the market is on the opposite side of the city to me and if I’m going to go I am going to purchase, which requires Dave and I being home the following week (or 2) to enjoy all the gorgeous flower arrangements I dot around our home. And, inviting guests for dinner.


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Exotic Inspiration – Morocco

Friday 18th July 2014

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer. In fact right through my teens up until I was about 21 I still wanted too. I’d design for myself formal dresses (school formal, debutante and maids dresses) and my very talented Mother would draw up a pattern and make them – super talented, beautifully crafted!


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Botanical Illustrations

Friday 4th July 2014

I have a new interest or obsession, I’m not quite sure in which category it falls. But I have been quietly perusing the internet for botanical illustrations. As I am sure you can guess, getting my hands on an original is neigh impossible and would probably require me selling something and I can tell you now that’s not going to happen. But it hasn’t stopped me looking for runners up.


(Image:  // Illustration by: Samuel Holden (1836-89))

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Neglected, Rejected, 2nd Hand Plants

Friday 20th June 2014

Even if you consider yourself as having the blackest of black thumbs I’d guess that you still enjoy a visit to your local garden center.  Am I right? Of course I am. Just one step inside the boundary and boom, a world of botanical possibilities… inside, outside, hanging, snapping, a variety of plants for every occasion and situation.


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Autumn In The Gardens

Friday 16th April 2014

Last weekend Dave and I went for our annual visit to The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mt Tomah. We packed everything we needed and by everything I mean scarves, hats and coats because usually it is pretty cold up there. I remember one year we barely made it out of the car and beyond the gift shop – I love a botanically inspired shop so that is a must under any circumstance!


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Friday 18th April 2014

Oh, my goodness me! If you haven’t noticed the bursts of purple around your neighbourhoods you must be getting about with your eyes closed. Open them up! The Tibouchinas are in flower and they are letting those that take notice know that this is their year. They are truly exceptional at the moment and I want one, please!


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Garden – Paddington Reservoir

Friday 4th April 2014

This is my year of living, well… joyfully! And what better way to do that than to get out and about in this gorgeous habour side city and explore it. I found an inspiring quote (and fabulous picture) on Pinterest recently and it got me thinking about more than just going somewhere new each year, what about each month!


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Bush Walking – Fitzroy Falls

Friday 24th March 2014

I love to get out and away from the city, it’s a time for me to clear my head and breath in the fresh country air. Before the sentence has even been uttered, while it’s still a thought, an idea I cleared my diary of any city-bound ‘stuff’ and written……


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Going Potty

Friday 17th March 2014

I got a little crafty this week, finally. There is too much craft, art, sewing and creating to do and not a enough time to do it all, that’s what I say! There are some little ideas I have had for years, stored up in the ‘must create’ section of my brain, the part that yearns to be creative, use my hands, leave a trail of cotton in my wake and get paint where it shouldn’t be. But somehow I find it difficult to get around to doing them, I’m ‘busy’ doing other things, I can’t get to the store to buy the supplies or better still I’m at the store and forget what the supplies are that I need – hmmm, that’s a good one. Thank goodness for technology, it’s got me out of a few forgetful creative supply situations, but not always.


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My Nest

Friday 21st February 2014

Last year I visited the fabulous Sydney Flower Market at Flemington. Oh, I love this place and I sure am due for another visit very soon. I bought lovely bunches of flowers which adorned my home for the following week/s, helped a friend choose flowers for her wedding and found myself the cutest little nest made from dried Dodda Vine.

My Nest

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Green On The Inside

Friday 7th February 2014

I have become a little obsessed with greening up the inside of my home. I am fortunate to live in an apartment that I can see out of, meaning, I don’t have views of my neighbours windows or brick walls. In fact I can see far beyond the boundary of the property down to the sea.


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Happy Australia Day

Sunday 26th January 2014


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Australian Natives

Friday 24th January 2014

I am getting in early and would like to wish you all a happy, fun, fantastic, sunny Australia Day. There’s not much more to say really other than tell you how lucky I feel to live in a country with such diverse, interesting and beautiful plants and wildflowers. I love that my garden flowers throughout the year with interesting flowers and colours and that those plants invite a wide range of birds, insects and critters with their nectar and protective foliage. It is wonderful that I can cut stems of native plants for longlasting colour and have little piles of gum nuts and gum leaves scattered around my home. These plants remind me of where I come from, where I am and where I wish to be. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of my favourite Australian native plant and wildflower pictures.


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It Looks Like Dutch To Me

Friday 10th January 2014

Welcome to the New Year! I hope the first nine days have been nothing but spectacular. If not, there’s still plenty of days left for improvement.


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My Word

Friday 27th December 2013

The countdown is upon us, the days and hours are counting down for the turn of the clock and the beginning of the New Year. It’s exciting! I wonder what the New Year will bring? What adventures will I take myself on? What opportunities will knock at my door? How will my life be different a year from now?SAMSUNG

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Black Plants For Black Friday

Friday 13th December 2013

It’s Friday the 13th, also known as ‘Black Friday’ – a day when superstition prevails and sense becomes uncommon. Oh, dear! What should the ‘normal’ people do….. Did you know that as well as all of the usual superstitions – don’t walk under ladders, stay away from black cats, don’t break a mirror – there is also a superstition in relation to Friday the 13th. Yes, some people, I don’t know how many, but some people are actually afraid of this day. Apparently bad things will happen so it’s best to call in sick and lock the door.



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