My garden design philosophy is to create the changes you dream of for your garden with minimal impact on the environment. I do this by sourcing top quality plants, using recycled materials and implementing sustainable practices wherever possible. Whether you are looking for a complete garden makeover or just need a little help getting your garden looking picture perfect Serendipity Garden Designs can help.

A full garden design involves the following:

Stage 1 Onsite Consultation and Landscape Site Assessment

This is your opportunity to share with me your thoughts, feelings and intentions for your outdoor space. We will discuss a range of design options, essential design elements, budget and time frame.

The consultation will take 60 to 90 minutes, at the end of which I will have an understanding of your end vision. Should the consultation exceed 90 minutes additional fees will be calculated per half hour.

Following the consultation I will develop a design proposal which will outline my fees and will be sent to you for viewing.

Stage 2 Concept Design

A concept design will be developed and will include:

  • A black and white  plan (or colour)
  • planting schedule
  • softscape and hardscape material schedule

You will have the opportunity to make minor changes at this stage if required.

Stage 3 Documentation

Upon acceptance and confirmation of the concept plan by the client I will assess all relevant local council guidelines and government legislation for compliance. Where a Development Application (DA) is required, all relevant plans and documentation will be prepared and submitted on your behalf.

Please note that Development Applications are costed separately to the concept plan and will depend on your local council’s submission requirements.

Stage 4 Construction

Serendipity Garden Designs is not a landscape construction company, however I will assist you in engaging the required professionals to construct your proposed garden design and if required, supervise landscape works to ensure construction is in accordance with the intended design.

Stage 5 Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of the landscape works I will conduct an onsite inspection with you and provide information about maintenance requirements, to keep your garden looking healthy.

Serendipity Garden Designs is based on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and offers a range of garden design and soft landscaping services so that you can choose which option will best suit you and your garden’s needs.

For further information please call me on 0403 667 165 or email me at and I will contact you regarding your garden design.

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