Carmel Shelley Landscape Designer and Garden Designer on the Northern Rivers NSW and Tweed Coast including South East Queensland

About me

Welcome to Serendipity Garden Designs, where creativity meets purpose in picturesque Terranora, nestled in the Northern Rivers. I am Carmel Shelley, a passionate Landscape and Garden Designer, Horticulturist and the driving force behind this studio.

My Journey

My journey in landscape design began in the bustling city of Sydney, where I honed my skills by working on diverse projects, including the design of nature inspired playgrounds in collaboration with renowned Natural Playspace designers. In 2019, I returned to my roots on the Northern Rivers NSW, bringing my family and my expertise and creativity to the beautiful region I call home.

Philosophy and Passion

At Serendipity Garden Designs, I believe that outdoor spaces should nurture and enrich our daily lives. My approach to landscape and garden is deeply inspired by the natural surroundings, landscape views and the unique habitat within and beyond the garden. By working closely with my clients, I strive to design landscapes and gardens that not only reflect their dreams but also provide lasting joy and fulfillment.

Collaborative Process

What truly inspires me is the collaborative process with my clients. Together, we create beautifully and thoughtfully designed spaces that harmonise with nature. Whether it’s a nature-inspired playspace for childcare centers across Australia’s east coast or a personal garden retreat for residents of the Tweed Coast and South East Queensland, every project is a testament to our shared vision.

Commitment to Biodiversity

My craft is more than just design; it’s an opportunity to enhance biodiversity within our gardens and neighborhoods. I encourage my clients to explore the endless possibilities of creating sustainable and vibrant ecosystems in their outdoor spaces.

Let’s Create Together

I look forward to collaborating with you to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary that nurtures, inspires, and provides for you and your family. Let’s capture your garden dreams and make them a reality.

Get in Touch

Ready to embark on this creative journey together? Reach out to Serendipity Garden Designs, and let’s start designing a landscape that enriches your life.

Thank you for considering Serendipity Garden Designs. I am excited about the possibility of working with you to create something truly special.

Warm regards,

Carmel Shelley Founder & Principal Designer Serendipity Garden Designs


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