Landscaping & Design Services

Carmel at Serendipity Garden Designs specialises in designing garden spaces that inspire and enrich your life and wellbeing when you’re spending time at home. Working in collaboration with you and understanding how you want to connect and enjoy your new outdoor space, Carmel will design a garden and landscape that will enable you to thrive, that’s created to nurture you and your loves ones and that will benefit and enhance your surrounding natural and built environment.

Carmel is drawn to using local materials to anchor her designs and create a sense of place within the immediate environment. She loves to work with local Australian Native Plant species, exploring how these choices can enhance biodiversity and create habitat for all sorts of beneficial birds, animals and insects. The opportunities that Australian Native Plant species bring to local garden design are endless and these species work perfectly with current trending design styles and aesthetics.



1. Consultation

You may have a clear idea of what it is you want with your landscape design, or have no idea what would work for your space. Either way Serendipity Garden Designs is here to discuss your ideas, goals and site specific requirements and to understand together what opportunities your property holds.

During the consultation, Carmel will learn and understand how you intend to enjoy the space, and what is important to you and your family. The consultation is your opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and intentions for your outdoor space/s. Carmel will discuss a range of design options, essential design elements, budget and time frame.

Allow 1 to 1.5hrs for the consultation, at the end of which, Carmel will have an understanding of your vision. Design consultations do incur a fee.

Following the consultation a design fee proposal is developed which will outline fees and will be emailed to you for consideration.

Serendipity Garden Designs - Landscape Designer Northern NSW - Process

2. Concept Design

While working in collaboration with you, a Concept Design Plan will be developed. Your input and feedback is welcome to enable the best possible design to be produced for your garden and landscape. It will include a scaled concept plan, planting schedule and material choices.

You will have the opportunity to make adjustments at this stage if required.

3. Documentation

Documentation is the process of obtaining Local Council approval for construction/s proposed in the Concept Design Plan of a garden. This is obtained either directly though Council or with a private certifier.

Not all landscape construction requires Council approval. Depending on our vision and what we’re looking to achieve for your project, any relevant checks are researched prior to or during the Concept Design stage and taken into consideration.

Landscapes requiring approval will incur additional fees (e.g. documentation, private certifier &/or Local Council) and will be made clear to you at initial consultation and/or during the Concept Design stage. 

Please note that Development Applications are costed separately to the concept plan and will depend on your Local Council’s submission requirements.

4. Construction & Maintenance

Once your design has been signed off and appropriate approvals received (if applicable), it’s time to construct your new space. Serendipity Garden Designs works with a skilled team of Landscape Contractors in order to bring your new garden and outdoor area to life.

Carmel will assist you in engaging the required professionals to construct your garden design.